Nanlite Halo Ringlights: A Deeper Look

In this video, our very own Barry Garcia gives us a deeper look into the features that make the Nanlite Halo series a helpful and varied ring light option.

Whether you're a makeup artist in need of some great lighting options for application or you need light for vlogging, Nanlite has a great deal of ring light options at your disposal! 😊

Some important segments within the video:

00:13 - Ring lights in different sizes
00:21 - Different features in the different sized ring lights including the Halo 16C which has an RGB feature!
00:36 - Powering the ring lights
00:55 - Different color options within the ring lights
1:13 - 95+ CRI, providing great light quality
1:20 - Ring light controls
1:44 - Mount: 5/8" Receiver
1:52 - Different ring light brackets giving you options to hold a camera, smart phone and even a mirror
2:11 - Different ring light applications - vlogging, film lighting, and photography
2:30 - Halo 16C can be controlled wirelessly


All NanLite Halo Ring Lights: