Each and every day, we want you feeling inspired, motivated and stoked for what lies ahead.


We start each day with one simple wish for our customers: 

To “Be brilliant!” 

...with the art you create, 

...the stories you tell, 

...the clients you work with.

We want you focused on bringing your unique creative vision to life. 

On being spontaneous. 

On trying new and different techniques. 

On pushing yourself and your gear with confidence. 

We want what you see to be what you get. 

We want your work to feel less like work. Your ideas to come quicker. 

We want every frame you shoot to make you smile with satisfaction. 

And look forward to the next frame. And the next.


We make a broad, versatile range of LED lights and accessories designed to help all sorts of image-makersachieve their vision. 

We are fanatically obsessed with product details, user experience, and quality control. 

We are equally obsessed with really listening and reacting to our customers; their needs and wishes. 

Because for all of us at Nanlite, nothing is more important than helping you be brilliant.

Nanlite. Be Brilliant