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Color Unleashed: The New FC-500C LED Spotlight & FC PowerController

Color Unleashed: The New FC-500C LED Spotlight & FC PowerController

Posted by Sam Mallery on Jul 9th 2024

We talk to our community of users all the time and we always hear requests for the kinds of lights they want us to make, and without question the product they ask for most frequently is a powerful color spotlight. We came close to delivering this with the recent announcement of the FS-300C, but that one is AC-powered only. For those who need to run both in the studio and out in the field, we're excited to announce the new Nanlite FC-500C RGBW LED Spotlight, and the separately available FC PowerController, which allows you to run either 300- or 500-watt FC Series lights on battery power.

The new FC-500C provides an enormous amount of output in a wide CCT range of 2700K–7500K and 36,000 RGB colors. When blending with ambient light, or light from other fixtures, it provides green-to-magenta adjustment of +/- 150%. With the included Bowens-Mount reflector at 5600K, the FC-500C delivers 57050 lux (5300 fc) at 1 meter. It runs continuously on AC with the included power supply, and if you need to run it in the field you can use the FC PowerController, which is sold separately.

In September of 2023, we launched the Nanlite FC-500B Bi-Color LED Spotlight. The new FC-500C is extremely similar, except that it delivers all of the colors, green-to-magenta adjustment, and 151 gel presets. It has the same advanced single-sided locking yoke, it's exactly the same size but it does weigh a little bit more.

What's different about the Nanlite FC-Series?

As a member of the rapidly expanding FC Series, the new FC-500C shares the design language and all of the characteristics of this product line. In case you're not familiar, the FC Series supplies the same capabilities and accuracy as our top-of-the-line Forza lights, but does so at significantly more budget friendly prices.

We're able to offer FC Series lights at lower prices because where the Forza series have all-metal bodies, the FC Series have durable polymer bodies. Forza lights come with woven padded carrying cases, FC lights come with latching hard-foam cases. Forza lights have the ability to run on batteries right out of the box, whereas the 300 and 500-watt FC lights require the separately available FC PowerController to do so.

These few differences amount to major savings. Both the Forza and FC Series have built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G for wireless control. Both have locking metal DMX/RDM ports, and USB ports that can power separately available DMX receivers. Both lines deliver impressive output with highly color-accurate light. Both are compatible with the free NANLINK app for iOS, iPad OS, and Android for deep wireless control with either smartphones or tablets. If you want to learn more about Nanlite's different LED spotlight lines, check out our article called Nanlite FC vs FS Series vs Forza Spotlights — What's the Difference?

The Nanlite FC-PowerController: Not a one-trick pony

You might be thinking, hey, this post is supposed to be about the new FC-500C, why is there a photo of the FC-300B? That's because the new FC PowerController is compatible with both the 300- and 500-watt FC-Series spotlights. Another thing that's a little different is that there are manual controls on both the light head and the FC PowerController. As you can see in the above photo, the included cable has two connectors on each side. The larger connector passes power to the light, and the smaller one passes control information.

When you add the FC PowerController to your setup, you gain yet another way to control your light. When this cable is attached and you're running the light, the controls and screens on both the light and the PowerController remain active, so you can make adjustments on both ends. You can even set up the FC PowerController to run on AC power, if you have the need to do so.

"It also acts as a charger for V-Mount batteries!"

As you can see in the above photo, the FC PowerController works with V-Mount batteries. It has two plates for these batteries (the batteries are sold separately). It works with 14.4-14.8V and 26V V-Mount batteries, but this unit has another pretty awesome trick up its sleeve... It also acts as a charger for V-Mount batteries! You can connect the AC power supply that comes with the FC-300B, FC-500B, or FC-500C to the FC PowerController, and this lets you use it as a dual V-Mount charger.

Just to be clear, the table below shows how battery power is supported in the FC-Series:

With this launch of the Nanlite FC PowerController, the full potential of the FC-Series is realized. It's a complete line of powerful spotlights that deliver premium-quality accuracy, an array of control options, included cases, and the ability to run on AC or battery power.

Both the included power supply that comes with the FC-500C and the FC PowerController have built-in loops so you can hang them on a light stand. They also both have locking plates on their back side which makes them compatible with the separately available ASCPQRFZ Mounting Clamp, so you have a more secure option.

When we first got to test out the new FC-500C, we were immediately impressed. Sure, we're the Nanlite USA team, so perhaps we're biased, but this thing does a beautiful job of pumping out eye-catching colors with some real power behind it, pushing as far as you would expect a 500-watt light to go. In some sense, it's an entry-level light, but this is a capable instrument no matter what your experience level may be.

As usual, we're super excited to get these colorful new lights out there to give you some new creative options for your image making. 

Thanks for checking out this blog post! If you have any questions about the new Nanlite FC-500C RGBW LED Spotlight, please contact us, and we will respond as quickly as possible.