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Light Modifiers and Other Accessories for the Nanlite Forza 60 and 60B

Light Modifiers and Other Accessories for the Nanlite Forza 60 and 60B

Posted by Sam Mallery on Jun 4th 2021

The Nanlite Forza 6060B, and 60C are all outstanding LED spotlights that deliver an impressive amount of output considering how compact and lightweight they are. But having high-quality accessories that allow you to modify and cut their light is incredibly important, which is why Nanlite provides a wide arrangement of products to do so. In this article, we take a deeper look at the accessories that help the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C reach their full potential. All of the light-modifier products covered in this article are also fully compatible with the Forza 150, 150B, and the FS-60B. 

As we explained in our dedicated article on the Forza 60, the built-in FM Mount on these lights is smaller than a standard mount in order to keep the fixture as compact and lightweight as possible. If your goal is keep your kit small, Nanlite makes dedicated accessories that are compatible with the FM Mount.

Beautiful soft light from a Forza 60 softbox

One of the most essential accessories is a softbox, and Nanlite has several options that are compatible with the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C. If you want to utilize the built-in FM Mount without needing to carry around an adapter, the Nanlite SB-FMM-60 Forza 60 Softbox is the answer. The round, parabolic design creates attractive catchlights in your subject's eyes, and grids are included when you want to direct the light and limit spill. The SB-FMM-60 softbox (and many other Forza 60 accessories) is covered in the following video, along with tips for how to set it up and break it down:

Another option that features a dedicated FM Mount for the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C is the Nanlite LT-FMM-60 Lantern Softbox. This style of softbox is less directional with a nearly 360° beam angle, so it casts light to a wider area. They are often used boomed overhead to create a soft, ambient light from above. The LT-FMM-60 also comes with a Bowens Mount so you can use it with other fixtures.

Get more control with a fresnel lens

Fresnel lens attachments are a popular way to focus, intensify, and control light in video production and photoshoots. The Nanlite FL-11 is a fresnel lens accessory that comes with detachable metal barn doors. You can easily adjust the beam angle from a 10° spot to a 45° flood, and the barn doors let you finely control the angle and spill of the light.

The Nanlite FL-11 fresnel lens on a Forza 60

The Forza 60, 60B, and 60C can also be used with fresnel lenses that have a Bowens Mount, you just need to use the Nanlite Forza 60 Bowens Mount adapter. This accessory is sold separately, but it's now included with the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C. It features a stand mount as well as an umbrella holder, so you can easily use modifiers like the Nanlite Translucent Deep 165. This adapter also makes it possible to use the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C with larger softboxes, like the Nanlite Para 150

Get creative with a Nanlite projector lens

Some of the most compelling accessories that come with the native Forza 60, 60B, and 60C mount are the PJ-FMM-36 and PJ-FMM-19 projectors. The first model features a 36° beam and the second a tighter 19° beam. They allow you to focus and shape light in the sharpest possible way.

Four included gobos let you create effects like casting the shadows from windows and trees, and you can make the patterns as sharp or as blurry as you want. Gel holders are also included, and the blue handles you see below are the integrated blades that let you cut the light into various shapes. The separately available PJ-FMM-AI Iris slides into the projector and lets you experiment with various sized circular spots. It's a truly excellent tool for lighting backgrounds.

The PJ-FMM-36 projector mount for the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C

Using a V-Mount Battery and other power options

One of the great aspects of the entire Nanlite Forza family of LED lights is that they all can be powered with AC or battery. Both the Forza 60 and the 60B are now sold as kits with an included battery grip, which allows you to power the light with two NP-F batteries (sold separately). You can also buy the Forza 60 Battery Grip on its own. This accessory can used hand-held, and it also can be put on a stand. It also has two LED battery indicators that tell you how much power remains.

If you have access to a V-Mount Battery, you can power the Forza 60, 60B, or 60C with a separately available Nanlite CB-DT-DC D-Tap cable with DC Socket. Another option for v-mount batteries is the Nanlite Forza 60 V-Mount Battery Grip, which is very similar to the NP-F battery grip.

Hopefully this information about the Forza 60, 60B, and 60C accessories has been helpful! If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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