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Small Footprint, Big Light: Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B LED Spotlights

Small Footprint, Big Light: Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B LED Spotlights

Posted by Sam Mallery on May 21st 2024

Nanlite hasn’t offered solutions for people on restrictive budgets who need compact LED lights that can be used in the studio on AC or out in the field running on batteries, but that changes with today's introduction of the FC-60B and FC-120B. These lights are incredibly small considering how much light they kick out, they are bi-color, highly accurate, run on AC or battery, and they're both priced low to suit any budget.

Not only are the FC-60B and FC-120B bright, they have all of the control options, advanced features, and accuracy as our top-of-the-line Forza series. They are not intentionally stymied, they are versatile and powerful. Nanlite is able to offer them at lower prices because they're built with strong composite plastics, and their included cases are hard-foam as opposed to the reinforced padded carrying cases you get with Forza.

The specs are outstanding:

SSI: 82 (3200K), 74 (5600K)
CCT: 2700K-6500K
CRI: 96
TLCI: 98
FC-60B: 3027 lux, 281 fc @1M bare bulb 5600K, 10790 lux, 1002 fc @1M 5600K with reflector
FC-120B: 5333 lux 495 fc @1M bare bulb 5600K, 17450 lux 1621 fc @1M 5600K with reflector

The Flexible Powering Options of FC-60B and FC-120B

Both the Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B come with included AC power supplies, so you can plug them into a standard outlet and run them continuously. They both also have USB-C ports which accept power from PD 3.0 and 2.0 battery powerbanks and chargers of 30W or greater. This means they can run on consumer-level USB batteries and tablet or laptop chargers that have USB-C connectors.

The FC-60B can operate on a V-Mount battery, and a handgrip accessory is included to run the FC-60B on NP-F batteries (the batteries are sold separately). To run FC-60B on a V-Mount battery you need the separately available BH-FZ60-V Battery Handgrip or the separately available Nanlite D-Tap to 5.5mm Male DC Barrel Power Cable.

The FC-120B isn't compatible with NP-F batteries, but it does work with V-Mount batteries. A different type of Battery Handgrip is required for the FC-120B, because it has a locking 4-pin XLR port for power. The BTBGXLR4 V-Mount Battery Grip with 4-Pin XLR Connector is the model that's compatible with the FC-120B. It's sold separately, but there is space for it in the included latching hard-foam case.

Both types of battery handgrips can be handheld, rested upright on surfaces (the BT-BG-FZ60 Battery Handgrip that's included with FC-60B has a retractable foot for this, the V-Mount handgrips use the connected battery to stand up). All of the handgrips have integrated mounts underneath them to attach them directly to light stands.

How to Control the Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B

The new Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B feature the same control options as our advanced Forza Series of LED spotlights. They have rear-facing screens and easy-to-use buttons and knobs. The interface is intuitive and clear, so even total beginners can quickly figure out how to use them. 

Bluetooth is built-in on both models, so they can be directly controlled with the free NANLINK app for iOS and Android. This is useful when the lights are mounted high up on stands, or when you want to control several lights at the same time.

Smartphone and tablet control through Bluetooth is great, but there are times when you would rather use your mobile devices for something else, or keep them out of sight completely. For these times, the Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B are equipped with built-in 2.4G. This allows you to control them with the separately available WS-RC-C2 Remote Control. 2.4G also makes it possible to use the separately available WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box. This box is useful when you want to use a connection signal that is stronger than Bluetooth, and when you want to control more than 6 lights through the NANLINK app.

Both new FC models also feature a locking 3.5mm DMX/RDM port. This allows you to connect the separately available Nanlite CB-DMX-3.5C-1/2 DMX Adapter Cable, which terminates in standard 5-pin XLR male and female connectors. The USB-C port on these fixtures supplies enough power to run DMX receivers (sold separately) for wireless control.

The Compact FM Mount and Bowens-Mount Adapter

The new FC-60B and FC-120B are both impressively small for how much light they output, and one of the reasons they can be so compact is that they have the FM Mount. This smaller mount works with the reflectors that are included, but there are several more options available separately. 

There are two FM Mount softboxes available, the SBFMM60 Forza Softbox for FM Mount, which is a very space-efficient softbox that can be set up and broken down extremely quickly and easily. Another option that is equally as small and easy to work with is the LTFMM60 Forza Lantern Softbox with FM Mount. This lantern-style softbox works especially well when mounted over subjects, and looks natural when lighting multiple subjects who are sitting at a table. A skirt set is included for controlling the light spill.

Keeping the "small and lightweight" theme going, the FM Mount FL-11 Fresnel Lens is an excellent way to increase the intensity of these lights, adjust the beam between flood and spot, and to shape with the included metal barndoors. Another favorite creative tool is the PJ-FMM Projection Attachment, which lets you shape the light in myriad ways, project gobo patterns, and much more.

Both the FC-60B and FC-120B include a Bowens-Mount Adapter in the case, which lets you use these lights with a vast number of light-shapers. The base of these light have a built-in umbrella holder, and the Bowens-Mount Adapter has one as well.

We are certain you will find the new Nanlite FC-60B and FC-120B to be well-rounded, and well-appointed lighting fixtures that provide a commendable amount of color-accurate light. They are entry-level products, but they still have many of the touches of advanced lights, from their glass-protected COB light sources, to their locking DMX/RDM ports.

We hope that this article has been helpful, thank you for reading it! If you have any lingering questions about the new Nanlite FC-60B or FC-120B, please contact us, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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