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Tube Holders and Accessories for Nanlite PavoTube LED Tube Lights

Tube Holders and Accessories for Nanlite PavoTube LED Tube Lights

Posted by Sam Mallery on May 29th 2021

Nanlite PavoTubes are incredibly creative tools for video and photo shoots, but it's the dedicated accessories that make them truly indispensable. We manufacture a full range of accessories for mounting single or multiple PavoTubes, as well as products to modify and control their light. Let's get into it...

Put that RGB tube light exactly where you want it  

If you're curious about the accessories that come included when you buy a new Nanlite PavoTube, we explain those in our Nanlite PavoTube 15C and 30C: A Deeper Look article. 

The first accessory we'll look at, the Nanlite PavoTube Single T12 LED Tube Holder with Swivel Ball Joint and 5/8in Baby Pin, offers unlimited positioning options for mounting a single PavoTube. The swivel ball joint lets you to position the PavoTube wherever you need it. The other end is a 5/8" baby pin that's compatible with a wide range of grip heads.

If you like the sturdy, dual-clip design of that mount but don't need the flexibility of the ball joint, check out the NanLite PavoTube Single T12 LED Tube Holder with 5/8in Receiver. This holder still allows you to mount a PavoTube at different angles, it just requires you to remove it and re-attach with one of its other mounting holes. It's worth noting that all PavoTube mounts are fully compatible with any standard T12 tube light.

Using PavoTubes gets ever more compelling when you have more than one, and if you want to mount two 15C or 30C PavoTubes either in frame or off camera, the  Double Bank 2 T12 LED Tube Mount has you covered. It features an angled neck with a standard 5/8in mount, and a ball joint for positioning.

While it's awesome to have two PavoTubes mounted, having four provides even more light and creative possibilities, which is why we make the  Nanlite PavoTube Quad Bank 4 T12 LED Tube Mount with Gooseneck and 5/8in Receiver. The integrated gooseneck and swivel ball let you position these lights just where you need them.

You can easy direct the light from a PavoTube without needing to fuss with black foil by using the Nanlite Fabric Barndoors and Grid, we offer dedicated kits for the 15C and 30C. The rear side of the fabric features openings that are compatible with all of the tube holders in this article. The grids are removable when you don't want to direct the light, and the barndoors can be open and shut to your choosing.

If you lose the transparent mounting clip that comes with the PavoTube 15C and 30C, or if you just want more of them, they are available separately. A version with the integrated 5/8" baby pin is sold separately as well.

Hopefully this has been helpful! If you have any questions about Nanlite products, please contact us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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