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Why Choose Nanlite?

Why Choose Nanlite?

Posted by Sam Mallery on Mar 4th 2024

I work in the Nanlite booth at lots of trade shows, and I often speak to people who aren't familiar with our brand. A common question I hear is: why should they choose Nanlite over other brands? It's a completely understandable question because there are so many LED-light brands for photo and video on the market, and it seems like new ones are popping up all the time.

Is the brand Nanlite any good?

The answer is easy. Nanlite provides the most color-accurate light with high-quality construction, all at reasonable prices. There's a lot more to it besides that. Nanlite is stocked and serviced here in the USA. If you need help, a responsive support team is there for you. We are constantly improving our products and regularly provide free firmware updates that add new features to your lights. There are many things to appreciate about our brand, I could go on and on, but there was always another core aspect to Nanlite that was more difficult to communicate.

The vast majority of our products are made at our own factory. To filmmakers, content creators, and photographers who are shopping for lights to add to their kits, the factory where they are made is usually not a concern. But, this does make a big difference. Nanlite is fully committed to quality control from the conceptual design stage all the way to the cardboard boxes the lights come in.

In contrast, almost all of our competitors have their lights built at third-party OEM factories. This means their quality control is outsourced as well. Quality control is a top concern for Nanlite, and something we take as seriously as possible. If you've ever wondered why other lighting brands have separate product lines with industrial designs that look completely different from one another, one of the reasons is that they were built by completely different companies.

Nanlite is also a true believer in doing one thing, and doing it well. We make LED lighting for film, video, and photo. We do not dabble into audio, camera support, or other completely different areas. The people who design, build, and market Nanlite products are as passionate about the art of lighting as you are.

What makes Nanlite different?

The most difficult thing to quickly explain to someone at a trade show is the excellent company culture at Nanlite. We started out as a family-owned business over 30 years ago, and we remain a family business today. Plus, our Managing Director, Nancy Zheng, is just an incredibly smart and delightful person.

When you picture a state-of-the-art LED manufacturing facility in China, I'm not sure what comes to mind, but if you haven't watched the video in this post yet, please do. Nanlite products are made in a vibrant city by employees who love what they do and who are treated incredibly well by their employer.

When you grab a Nanlite product and shoot a video or a photo or a live stream and it works exactly how you wanted it to and your finished product looks great, that's reason enough to love our brand. But, it also doesn't hurt to know that there are several more layers to why we are such a great company.

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