Behind the Scenes of a Phantom Flex4K Shoot: Lighting with the Forza 500

In this video, Dave Geffin takes us through the behind the scenes of a super slow motion shoot shot with the Phantom Flex4K camera that can shoot up to 1000 frames per second! In this footage you’ll see our crew light both a professional dancer and marital artist with the Nanlite Forza 500, which proved to be bright enough to light these slow motion shots.

As you may know, shooting at higher frames rates requires a great deal of light and occasionally some LEDs will introduce some flickering issues. The Nanlite Forza 500 was not only bright enough to light these scenes but it didn’t cause any flickering issues at all!

Watch as our crew shoots 300, 500, 800, and 1000 frames per second with the Phantom Flex4K camera!

Crew & Talent:
Dancer - Anais Blake (@anaisblake)
Martial Artist - Donny Donahue
Director & EP - Kelly Mena (@kelly_mena)
Cinematographer - Blake Steigerwald (@mblakestag)
Gaffer - John Roche (@nycgaffer)
Camera Assistant - Nick Timmons (@notnicktimmons)
BTS DP & Director - Mark Raker (@mark_raker)
BTS Camera Operator - Ketak Dhiman (ketakdhiman_dp)
MUA & Assistant Director - Merideth Haring (@ivyhmu)
Editor - Kelly Mena (@kelly_mena)

Lighting gear used in this video:
Nanlite Forza 500
Nanlite Para 150 Softbox with Bowens Mount
Nanlite Stripbank Softbox with Bowens Mount
Nanlite FL-20G Fresnel Lens