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Ring lights are so popular that you often see flimsy, low-quality light rings near the register at chain stores, but if you’ve ever wondered if someone made durable, professional-quality ring lights that produce the most appealing light possible, then you’ve wondered about the Nanlite Halo LED Ring Lights. Why get a professional-level LED ring light? They produce highly accurate light, so the subjects you are lighting, whether it’s a product, clothing, hair, makeup, or skin, will all look as natural and correct as they did in real life. The build quality is also substantially better, so you won’t worry about wobbly, unreliable ring lights when you’re shooting your next TikTok video, Instagram Reel, YouTube episode, product photo, livestream, Zoom call, or video meeting. The Nanlite ring light model line includes the 16-inch Nanlite Halo 16 Bicolor LED Ring Light, the larger 18-inch Nanlite Halo 18 Bicolor LED Ring Light, and the Nanlite Halo 16C LED Ring Light. All three ring lights let you adjust the light between warm, indoor tones and sunshine-like outdoor tones so you can quickly dial-in the perfect look, and always capture engaging catchlights in your eyes. The Nanlite Halo 16C LED Ring Light also lets you easily create over 360 eye-catching colors because it has RGB LEDs. These ring lights include carrying cases, mirrors, and smart phone brackets that let you shoot horizontal or vertical video.