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Nanlite FC-60B Bi-Color LED Spotlight

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  • SUPREME VALUE & POWER - Delivers an intense amount of output for an ultracompact light (3027 lux, 281 fc @1M bare bulb 5600K) with the same accuracy, control options, and features as our top-end spotlights, just made with fewer expensive materials
  • RUNS ON BATTERY OR AC - Included power adapter lets FC-60B run continuously on AC, included battery grip lets you run on NP-F batteries, and USB-C port lets you run on USB powerbanks or chargers
  • 4 CONTROL OPTIONS - Easy-to-use onboard controls and screen, Bluetooth for free mobile app control, 2.4G for handheld remotes, and DMX/RDM for advanced control
  • HIGH-LEVEL ACCURACY - Like all Nanlite fixtures, FC-60B delivers highly accurate light, so you can be confident that the colors you capture on set will be true in the finished product: SSI 82 (3200K) and 74 (5600K), TCI 96, TLCI 98
  • CASE, ACCESSORIES & 3-YEAR WARRANTY - Includes a case, AC adapter, battery grip, Bowens adapter and a 2-year warranty that extends to 3 years with online registration


Item Includes

  • FC-60B Bi-Color LED Spotlight
  • AC Power Supply
  • AC Power Cable
  • BT-BG-FZ60 NP-F Battery Grip
  • RF-FMM-45-S 45° Mini-Reflector
  • ASBAFMM Bowens-Mount Adapter
  • Hard-Foam Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty (Extend to 3-Year Limited With Registration on
The Nanlite FC-60B is an ultracompact and lightweight bi-color LED spotlight that runs on batteries, powerbanks, or AC and delivers a remarkable amount of highly accurate light (3027 lux, 281 fc @1M bare bulb 5600K) while offering a versatile array of control methods: onboard, Bluetooth, 2.4G, and DMX/RDM. It's easy to pick up and start using for complete beginners, yet also provides advanced functionality for experienced creators. A latching hard-foam case is included that holds the FC-60B, AC power adapter, 45° mini-reflector, battery handgrip, and Bowens-Mount adapter. It's covered by a 2-year warranty that extends to 3 years with online registration, and it's stocked, supported, and serviced by our responsive team in the USA.

Value, Power, and Quality
The FC-60B provides the same high-quality light, control options, and advanced functions as our top-of-the-line Forza series. The FC-Series are more affordable because they're constructed with rugged composite plastics, where Forza is made with metal and carbon fiber. The FC-60B is a top-tier light at an entry-level price that delivers an impressively punchy amount of output for its mini size.

Create Anywhere
An AC adapter is included to run the FC-60B continuously, and a handgrip is included to operate on two NP-F batteries (sold separately). The handgrip can be handheld, rested upright on surfaces, mounted on stands, and it fits into the included case. A compatible V-Mount handgrip and a D-Tap cable are sold separately. A USB-C port on the FC-60B allows you to run on powerbanks and chargers that support PD 3.0 and 2.0 (30W or higher). When it comes to power, FC-60B is all about versatility and convenience.

Bi-Color Accuracy
Quickly adjust the color temperature from 2700K-6500K with a dedicated knob to blend with other light and achieve different looks, from warm indoor tones to daylight. Like all Nanlite fixtures, the FC-60B delivers flicker-free performance and high color accuracy with an SSI of 82 (3200K) and 74 (5600K), TCI of average 96 and TLCI of average 98. FC-60B features a glass-protected COB light source to ensure a longer product lifecycle.

Four Control Options
Control dimming, CCT, effects and more with two easy-to-use knobs, buttons, and a rear-facing screen. Control with your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and the free NANLINK app. Want to use your mobile devices for something else? No problem, control with the WS-RC-C2 Handheld Remote (sold separately) through built-in 2.4G. A locking metal DMX/RDM port is provided for advanced control, and the USB-C port can power DMX receivers (sold separately).

Small Mount, Big Ecosystem
One of the reasons the FC-60B can be so compact is that it has the FM Mount. The nicely constructed 45° Mini Reflector utilizes this mount, and provides smooth, even light while increasing the output to 10790 lux, 1002 fc @1M 5600K. There are many compact light modifiers available for FM Mount that are also lightweight, like the FL-11 Fresnel, FMM softboxes, and PJ-FMM Projection Attachments (all sold separately). The included Bowens adapter opens up a world of light-modifier compatibility. There's even an integrated umbrella mount.

Hollywood Connections
The FC-60B may be an entry-level light, but it shares a direct family lineage with higher-end Forza and Nanlux fixtures that are used constantly by major movie makers and elite professional photographers. Learn how to control the FC-60B with the NANLINK app and the same method applies to controlling industry-leading instruments like the Nanlux 2400B.

Designed and Made at Nanlite
One important distinction that makes Nanlite stand out is that we design, build, and test every single light in our own facility. This gives us the best possible control over Quality Assurance. We even make the cardboard boxes our lights come in because we weren't satisfied with the quality of the available options. We're a family-owned business filled with people who are passionate about image making and creativity. Join us!

Technical Data

3200K:82 5600K:74
Average 96
Average 98
Limited 2-Year Warranty (Extend to 3 Years Total with Online Registration)
Color Temperature (Kelvin):
Beam Angle Flood:
DMX Control:
Compatible Wifi Adapter:
Nanlink WS-TB-1
Compatible Remote:
Wireless Control Type:
2.4GHz, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM
Light Modifier Bayonet Mount:
FM mount
Operating Temperature:
Power Source:
DC15V/6A Max AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption:
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Battery Compatibility:
Battery Included:
Battery Required:
Can be powered by NP-F battery or V mount battery, and an appropriative battery grip is included

Lux / Foot Candles


Special Effects

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