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In photo and video production, Nanlite light modifiers have earned a reputation for having high-quality materials and construction and delivering great user experiences with powerful light-shaping abilities. If you need beautiful, flattering soft light, there are Nanlite soft boxes available in a range of sizes and shapes, like the deep, parabolic Nanlite Para 120 Quick-Open Softbox. Many feature the popular Bowens Mount, others have the compact FM Mount, and some can easily be converted between the two, like the Nanlite SB-FMM Forza Softbox with FM Mount. Nanlite fresnel lenses are another popular light shaper, like the FL-20G Fresnel for Bowens Mount lights like the Nanlite FS-150 monolight, and other LED point-source lights and spotlights. LED Tube Lights like the Nanlite PavoTube II 15C, 30C, and the X-tubes also benefit from light modifiers like the barn doors and grids, and a large selection of these types of modifiers are available as well. Filmmakers, photographers, and content creators all benefit from using Nanlite’s celebrated light modifiers.


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