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The lights you use to bring your visions to life in photo and video production are undoubtably important, but more often it’s the inexpensive accessories that do things like letting you position a light a specific way, or prevent a light from spilling on an adjacent wall, that make the biggest impact on your work. Just like the advanced LED lighting fixtures we make for filmmakers, gaffers, photographers, content creators, and livestreamers, the goal of Nanlite accessories is to inspire and empower your creativity. Whether it’s a special DMX cable that unlocks world-class control features in an LED tube light, or a simple camera bracket for an LED Ring Light that lets you shoot vertical videos for TikTok, Nanlite accessories provide innovative solutions whether you’re shooting a feature-length film or you just need to improve the look of your Zoom calls and video meetings. All Nanlite accessories are backed by our 2-year warranty, which extends to 3-years with online registration.


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