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Nanlite FS-200B Bi-Color AC LED Monolight

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  • PRO QUALITY & EASY TO USE - Delivers high-quality light with premium construction that's built to last, and using it couldn't be easier: just plug into AC, turn it on, and adjust dimming and color temperature until it looks the way you like it
  • LOTS OF CONTROL OPTIONS - Has built-in controls and an OLED screen, Bluetooth for the free NANLINK app for iOS and Android, and 2.4G for the separately available WS-RC-C2 handheld remote
  • GET A PERFECT LOOK - Has a color-temp range of 2700K-6500K—which sounds technical—but just means you turn one knob until you like how it looks. Do it on the light itself, or with the NANLINK app when you're on camera.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY - The Bowens Mount makes FS-200B compatible with a massive number of light modifiers, such as Nanlite's own line of fresnels, softboxes, and umbrellas.
  • GET CREATIVE WITH EFFECTS - There are 12 effects in FS-200B that will spark your creative juices such as: TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, TV, Fireworks, Explosion, Storm and more.


Item Includes

  • Nanlite FS-200B LED AC Monolight
  • Reflector
  • 14' 10" (4.5m) Power Cord
  • COB Protective Cap
  • User Manual
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty (Extend to 3-Year Limited With Registration on
The Nanlite FS-200B is an AC powered, bi-color LED light for livestreaming, photo and video production that's easy to use and provides professional-looking results, with an efficient, all-in-one design made with premium-quality construction that's built to last. When you need the power to light medium-sized spaces and the versatility to dim down for tighter shots, FS-200B can deliver up to 29490 Lux (2740 footcandles) of light at 1 meter with the included reflector, and features 0-100% dimming. You can easily achieve different looks, from white daylight to warmer, indoor tones, because FS-200B has an adjustable color temperature range of 2700K-6500K. It also has high CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97, which means the colors you see will always be accurate.

Built-in Bluetooth lets you easily control FS-200B with the free NANLINK mobile app for iOS and Android. It also has built-in 2.4G, which lets you wirelessly control with the WS-RC-C2 handheld remote or the WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box for larger setups (both sold separately). You can attach softboxes and other light modifiers to its Bowens Mount, which is a nearly universal standard. There are a vast number of separately available light-modifiers that are compatible and will let you soften and shape the light exactly how you want it. Plus, a built-in umbrella mount extends your light-shaping options even further.

Pro Quality & Easy-To-Use
The FS-200B delivers high-quality light output with premium construction that's built to last, and using it is simple. Just plug directly into an AC outlet (there is no external power supply or wall wart) using the included 14.7 foot cable and you're ready to roll.

Lots of Control Options
Built-in controls and a 1.3-inch OLED screen make it easy to directly control the FS-200B. It can also easily be controlled with the free NANLINK mobile app for iOS and Android via built-in Bluetooth, or with the separately available WS-RC-C2 handheld remote.

Quickly Get A Perfect Look
The FS-200B has an adjustable CCT range of 2700K-6500K—which sounds technical—but it just means that you turn one knob until you're happy with how your picture looks. You can turn that knob on the light itself, or adjust it with the NANLINK app on your phone when you're in front of the camera.

Bowens Mount & Useful Features
The built-in Bowens Mount makes the FS-200B compatible with a massive number of light modifiers, such as Nanlite's own line of fresnels, softboxes, and umbrellas. FS-200B also has two useful modes: Maximum Output Mode, which always supplies the full power of the light, and Constant Output Mode, which makes sure the dimming setting you selected stays consistent when you adjust the color temperature.

Get Creative With Effects
There are special effects in FS-200B that make it easy to create lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate. At the touch of a button, you can simulate 12 different practical lighting effects: CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Fireworks, Explosion, and Welding.

Technical Data

Average 96
Average 97
Limited 2-Year Warranty (Extend to 3 Years Total With Online Registration)
Color Temperature (Kelvin):
Beam Angle Flood:
Beam Angle Spot:
DMX Control:
Compatible Wifi Adapter:
Nanlink WS-TB-1 Transmitter box
Compatible Remote:
NANLINK APP, WS-TB-1 box, WS-RC-C2 remote controler
Wireless Control Type:
2.4GHz, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM
Accessory Port(s):
Bowens Mount
Light Modifier Bayonet Mount:
Bowens Mount
Operating Temperature:
Cooling System:
Power Source:
AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption:
Lumen Output 3200K:
Lumen Output 5600K:

Lux / Foot Candles


Special Effects

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