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Nanlite LED panel lights provide highly accurate light output, high-quality construction, and innovative, versatile features for filmmakers, videographers, photographers, content creators, and livestreamers. The flattering, soft light provided by large softboxes on movie sets and in professional photography studios can also be achieved by low-cost Nanlite Compac LED panel lights, and they don’t require much space at all. The Nanlite MixPanel 150 and MixPanel 60 LED Panel Lights are like having three different kinds of professional lights in one. You can switch between soft light, hard light, and RGB for scenes that benefit from color. Gel emulation modes let you select from 43 gel presets in both 3200K and 5600K with CTOs, CTBs, and 33 CalColor filters. The Nanlite LumiPad 11 and LumiPad 25 LED Panel Lights are AC and NP-F battery powered and they glow with even, soft light that always makes your subject look as appealing as possible. If you’re a content creator making social media videos, if you do Zoom calls and video meetings, if you need to shoot product photography, or if you’re livestreaming, the Nanlite LumiPad LED Panel Lights will always make you look like a professional. All of these LED fixtures have high CRI and TLCI ratings, so your images always look their best and you will not have color issues to fix in post-production.

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