Lighting Types

Monolight Style

Nothing compares to the versatility of a monolight-style COB (chip-on-board) LED lighting system. The NanLite Forza Series is for people who want both maximum output and options.

The Forza 300 and Forza 500 use the easily-found Bowens S-Mount for reflectors, softboxes, Fresnels and more. This unlocks the ability to have one light that can really do it all. Plus, you can use it on AC Power, or with Video Batteries for field work.

The Forza 60 uses a smaller light shaper mount, but it ultimately the most portable way to put light anywhere. Suprisingly bright for its size and power consumption, it's already a popular choice among filmmakers. 

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Light Tubes

NanLite's PavoTubes are legendary for their battery-powered portability and easy menus. Often purchased in 2- or 4-packs because they are so darn cool and fun to use.

Be sure to check out the accessories for practical and interesting ways to mount your PavoTubes for light banks, music videos and more. 

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Light Panels

Whether you need a lot of light in a small panel, or truly soft light in a diffused panel, NanLite has you covered.

The Compac family is ideal for portraits and product photography, with super-smooth highlights and gentle, soft light. 

MixPads combine the best of soft and hard LEDs in one, thin LED panel - also with RGB options!

SA Series LED Lights are bright, punchy panels for lighting large areas, being farther away form your subjects or punching through big diffusion panels. 

Lumipads are slim, soft LED Panels perfect for lighting small products like jewelry. 

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