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Nanlite FS-300C: Unbeatable Value, Quality, and Color!

Nanlite FS-300C: Unbeatable Value, Quality, and Color!

Posted by Sam Mallery on Jun 25th 2024

The  Nanlite FS-Series of AC-powered LED spotlights is a well-rounded family of compact and powerful daylight-balanced and bi-color fixtures, but today we’re expanding in a new direction with the announcement of the full-color FS-300C. It’s similar in output and design to the popular bi-color FS-300B, with the additional capability of providing thousands of striking colors.

With 34200 lux (3177 fc) at 1-meter 5600K using the included reflector, the new FS-300C delivers a serious amount of output. It features an RGBW light source that can provide 36,000 rich colors, in addition to a CCT range of 2700K–7500K, with green-to-magenta adjustment of +/- 150. Whether you need standard warm or cold white light, or dynamic colors, the FS-300C has you covered.

The FS-Series is known for delivering highly accurate light with excellent, built-to-last construction at truly affordable prices, and the FS-300C is no different. With a CRI of average 95 and TLCI of average 94, your skin tones will always look accurate. It cannot be overstated how remarkably well made these lights are considering how attainably priced they are.

Another trait all FS-Series lights share is ease of use. Even if you’ve never used this kind of light before, you can easily set up the FS-300C and start using it right away because it’s so intuitive. Getting great looks isn't difficult when you're using high-quality gear like this.

Like all of the other models in the FS-Series, the new FS-300C is a true monolight. That term sounds technical but all it means is that you plug the included power cord directly into the light, and plug the other end into an AC outlet. There is no ballast, wall wart, or control box to fuss with.

The included 55-degree reflector greatly increases the output power while also making the beam more directional. It connects to the FS-300C with the Bowens Mount. This means the FS-300C is also compatible with a vast number of  Bowens-Mount light modifiers, such as softboxes, projection attachments, fresnel lenses, and more. It also features a built-in umbrella mount of even more light-shaping options.

The back of the FS-300C has 2 knobs, 1 button, and a 1.3-inch OLED screen for easy, hands-on control. You can also control it remotely with a smartphone or tablet using the free NANLINK app for iOS and Android through built-in Bluetooth. If you don't want to use mobile devices for control, the FS-300C also has built-in 2.4G so it can be wirelessly controlled with the separately available  WS-RC-C2 handheld remote. It's also compatible with the WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box for larger setups.

Nanlite FS-300C with the Para 90 Quick-Open Softbox (sold separately)

For color control you can adjust the hue from 0–360 and the saturation from 0–100. There are also 15 built-inl effects, many of which take advantage of color. They are: HUE Loop, CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, Police Car, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Disco, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding. You can deeply adjust all of these effects and save them as presets in the NANLINK app.

Being an LED spotlight, the FS-300C always runs cool to the touch. The internals do heat up when in use, which is why it has a built-in fan. If you don't want to hear any fan noise, it can be turned off. FS-300C has 4 fan modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed, and Off. Output is limited to 50% on Low Speed. Smart mode runs at 100% output, but automatically turns the fan up to full speed when needed. 

A USB port is provided on the FS-300C so the firmware and be updated. Nanlite often adds new features to lights like this through firmware updates, so in the future your FS-300C might learn some new tricks.

The separately available Nanlite CC-S-FS Padded Carrying Case fits the FS-300C

Think of the "S" in FS-Series as meaning "Studio." These lights need to plug into AC outlets to operate, which makes them perfectly at home in the studio. Since you don't need to travel when you're in the studio, these lights don't come with case. However, if you do want to bring the FS-300C around, it fits perfectly in the  Nanlite CC-S-FS Padded Carrying Case, which is available separately.

With this announcement of the FS-300C, we're excited to offer another highly capable FS-Series light. They are used far and wide by photographers, video makers, live-streamers, content creators, and more. Now all of these creative people can have access to a plethora of powerful colors. Good stuff!

Thanks for checking out this blog post! If you have any questions about the Nanlite FS-300C LED Spotlight, please contact us, and our US-based support team will respond to you as quickly as possible.