How to Use the Nanlite PavoTube Barn Door and Grid: Ultimate Light Control

In this video, Chuy Gutierrez from BOS Labs shows us how easy it is to use the new barn door and grid for the Nanlite Pavotubes! We've all been there... we have a great tube light source and can't control the beam... the new barn door for the Pavotubes fixes that problem and gives you the added control of an additional grid to narrow the beam even more!

00:08 - What are Nanlite Pavotubes?
00:32 - How do barn doors and grids help control light?
00:52 - How to put the bard doors onto a Pavotube
2:02 - How to add the grid to the barn doors
3:03 - Visual comparisons of tube light without direction, tube light with barn door, and tube light with barn door and grid


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