Simple and Elegant Fashion Shoot, PavoTube Style

When you make content for a clothing brand, your clients want their apparel to be presented in a way that matches their brand. They likely will want to build hype with edgy clips and photos. That is where you come in... with your Nanlite PavoTubes.

Here's how to create a dramatic atmosphere without spending a fortune:

On this shoot, the Chinese DP Xuyao used the PavoTubes and foam core reflectors to create his special effects. 

The PavoTubes here are not only used as the light source, but also as part of the visual design as practicals within the scene.

Unlock your creativity with RGB tube lights

When you're making content with a limited crew and budget, the 2' Pavotube 15C and 4' PavoTube 30C can often be the perfect lighting solution.

Check out these stills:

The flexibility of a self-contained design with a built-in battery makes them a natural solution for creative problems such as these. And boy do they look cool.

Being highly portable and easy to control made it possible for the team to make quick adjustments during shooting–saving lots of time. That made room for more "looks."

Cool, cooler and coolest. PavoTubes for the win. Easy to set up, fun to use. Job done. Happy client.