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Lighting for Green Screen WITHOUT a Green Screen

Lighting for Green Screen WITHOUT a Green Screen

Posted by Kelly Mena on Mar 19th 2020

In this video, Chuy Gutierrez shows us a different way to light a green screen! Who needs a green screen backdrop when you can use the right lighting and some imagination.

We wanted to challenge ourselves in the studio to see if this was even possible. Not only is it possible but it's super easy!

Some key points within the video:

00:03 - Can we light for a green screen without a green screen background or sheet?

00:22 - Behind the scenes of the green screen set up

00:31 - MixPanel 150 and MixPanel 60 set at Hue 120°, Saturation 100%, and Intensity 100%

00:46 - Different ways to get this green screen effect with the MixPanels (Gel setting and RGB)

1:07 - Keylight is the Forza 500 with the Softbox Parabolic 90 with grid to direct light

1:18 - Backlight is a MixPad 27 at 5600K in hard light mode

1:26 - MixPad has a few modes for hard light, soft light and RGB

1:35 - How to prevent the spill from the bounced green light when lighting a green screen

2:09 - If you want to light for a blue screen, use hue 240°

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