Nanlite Forza 300 & 500: A Deeper Look

The Forza 300 and 500 are the most powerful LED monolights that Nanlite makes, outputting 300 and 500 watts respectively. Both models have a daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature with an average CRI of 98 and TLCI of 95, which means they're incredibly accurate.

They only differ in wattage, brightness, and size, with the Forza 500 head and sled being slightly larger. Even though there's a slight difference in size, both lights are impressively compact and lightweight considering their power.

Like the rest of the Forza line, the 300 and 500 have all-metal construction with carbon-fiber overlays. They're built to withstand the rigors of production work both in the studio and the field. Again, like all of the other Nanlite Forza fixtures, these lights have the ability to run off of AC or battery power, giving you the freedom to create anywhere.

Here are some important segments in the video in this post:

00:12 - Differences between 300 & 500
00:52 - Light Accuracy (CRI 98, TLCI 95)
01:02 - Light Fixture, Ergonomics and Mounting
01:18 - Controls
01:38 - Special Effects
02:02 - Compatible Batteries and Duration (14.8V for Forza 300 and 26V for Forza 500)
03:00 - DMX Controls
03:17 - Wifi control and smart phone App for the Nanlite Forza 300/500
03:34 - How to shut the fan off on the Nanlite Forza 300/500
04:04 - Accessories - Fresnel, softboxes and handle
04:47 - Remote Control

Accessories featured in the video: