Nanlite PavoTube 15C and 30C: A Deeper Look

It isn't everyday that you encounter a piece of equipment that immediately makes your mind race with creative ideas for how you can start using it, but this is exactly what the Nanlite PavoTube 15C and PavoTube 30C LED tube lights do. Once people get them in their hands and start using them in their video and photo shoots, the PavoTubes deliver on their promise and quickly become a favorite tool. In this post, we'll take a deeper look at these versatile LED tubes, explain their core features, and show you the accessories that make these lights even more useful.

Core features of the Nanlite PavoTube 15C and 30C

The great thing about PavoTubes is that they can be used in so many different ways. They're striking, eye-catching practical lights when used in frame, yet they're equally as useful as off-camera lights. Their slim profile allows you to fit them into tight spaces, such as shots inside vehicles, or slid behind a piece of furniture.

The PavoTube 15C and 30C provide an impressive amount of light, and can be dimmed from 0 to 100%. Their color temperature can be adjust from 2700 - 6500K, and the full-spectrum RGBs can produce over 360 colors. They have many useful pre-programmed effects, and the user manual is printed on the exterior of the light so you can quickly pull up the look you want with its easy-to-use control dials.

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