Nanlite PavoTube 15C and 30C: A Deeper Look

In this video, our very own Barry Garcia gives us a deeper look into the features that make the Nanlite Pavotube 15C and Pavotube 30C fun and versatile!

The Pavotube 15C is Nanlite's 2 ft tube and the Pavotube 30C is our 4ft tube.

Barry will explain what makes these lights so portable, versatile, and super easy to use.

Some important segments within the video:

00:10 - Two sizes: 2ft and 4ft
00:35 - Built-in Battery!!!
1:00 - Menu instructions printed on light itself
1:08 - CCT Mode
1:23 - HSI Mode
1:36 - RGB Mode
1:47 - Special Effects
2:05 - Syncing the lights together
2:23 - Wireless control
2:36 - Accessories including barndoor and grid
2:50 - Mounting the tubes

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