PavoTube II 6C Firmware Update V0.00.07

PavoTube II 6C Firmware Update V0.00.07

Updated: 2020-09-05
Size: 168.81 KB
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What's new: 
  1. Hot strike feature added: When unit is powered on, dim to Zero and back to original intensity by briefly pressing Power Button once. 
  2. Expanded Green/Magenta Shift Adjustments: We've changed the range of green/magenta shift in CCT mode from +/-50 to +/-100.1

How to update the firmware of the PavoTube II 6C:
Before you begin:

  1. You must own a U Disk (not included) with USB-C Connection (or adapter). Note - a U Disk is not a USB Drive.
  2. This U Disk must be formatted as FAT 32
How to install firmware
  1. Download the firmware installation package from link(s) above
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. In this folder, copy the file “PavoTubeII6C_V0.00.07.udp” in the root directory of the U disk.
    Note: Do not rename this file.
    It is not essential the drive is empty, but it can help if you are having trouble.
  4. Turn off the PavoTube II 6C
  5. Insert the U-disk into the USB port of the fixture
  6. Turn on the fixture.
  7. Press the “+” button to choose “update”
  8. Press “MODE” button to confirm. The screen will show “updating”.
  9. The screen of the fixture will turn back to the standard operation interface after the update is completed.
    You may confirm it was install by pressingt Mode until you see Menu, then press Switch twice until you see the installed firmware version number. 


If the lighting fixture cannot identify the U-disk, please try the following:

  • Ensure the name of the firmware is“PavoTubeII6C_V0.00.07.udp”.
  • Ensure the format of the U- disk is FAT32 or FAT. If the format is not FAT32
  • or FAT, please re-format the U-disk to FAT32 before copying firmware onto it.
  • Please ensure upgrade package file is in the root directory of the U Disk.
  • If the steps mentioned above have been followed but the U-disk still cannot be identified, please try another model or brand of U-disk and try again. 
  • The lighting fixture can identify the U-disk, but the interface of the screen remains displaying “updating” for over 5 mins and cannot return to the operation interface.
    a. Please restart the lighting fixture and follow the upgrade instructions again to enter the updating state. If the problem still cannot be solved by rebooting the fixture, please try the next step below.
    b. Please try to format the U-disk and follow steps 1.B and 1.C of the update instructions above.
    c. If the two steps mentioned above have been followed but the U-disk still cannot be identified, please replace the U-disk with another one.