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Nanlite Barndoors for Mixpad II 11C

SKU: BDMPII11C | FREE U.S. shipping on all orders over $100!

  • METAL BARNDOORS FOR LIGHT SHAPING - Fully realize the creative potential of the Nanlite MixPad II 11C RGBWW LED panel light with these custom-fitted metal barndoors
  • CONTROL DIRECTIONALITY AND SPREAD - The MixPad II 11C has many features that add creative possibilities, and these barndoors add the ability to cut, shape, and adjust the spread of your light
  • MINIMIZE UNWANTED LIGHT SPILL - Barndoors let you cast light where you want it and help you eliminate light spilling onto walls, ceilings, and areas where you don’t want it
  • MOUNT WITH CONFIDENCE - The MixPad II 11C has 4 metal anchor points on its front corners for attaching these barndoors with included 1/4”-20 screws; you can be confident they will remain securely attached
  • WE BELIEVE IN OUR QUALITY - Includes a 2-year limited warranty that you can extend to 3-years for free when you register online, with nearly 30 years of manufacturing photo and video lighting products, you can have confidence in our quality


The Nanlite Barndoors for MixPad II 11C provide one of the most essential light modifier tools for this already versatile and lightweight RGBWW LED panel light. When you need directionality and more light-shaping control, this custom-fitted set of metal barndoors has you covered.

Extend the Versatility of MixPad II
The MixPad II 11C is an ultracompact LED panel that can do it all: RGB colors, bicolor, hard and soft light with effects. This set of barndoors extends your options for creatively shaping light and controlling unwanted spill on your video and photo shoots.

Mount with Confidence
The MixPad II 11C has 4 metal anchor points on its front corners. This is where the barndoors attach with included 1/4”-20 screws, which can be installed and removed without tools. Whether you’re mounting on a camera, light stand, tripod or going handheld, you can be confident that your barndoors will remain securely attached.

Technical Data

Limited 2 Year Warranty (Extend to 3 Years Total With Online Registration)
Requires Speed Ring:
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Battery Included:
Battery Required:
Light Modifier Bayonet Mount:

Lux / Foot Candles


Special Effects

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