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Nanlite Core Apex 275 Dual V-Mount Batteries and Charger Kit

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  • COMPLETE SOLUTION - Everything you need to run powerful LED lights on battery: 2 V-Mount batteries and a compact and lightweight rapid charger
  • DESIGNED FOR LED LIGHTS - This set of high-voltage battery packs and the dual rapid charger were specifically made for the demands of LED lighting in filmmaking, video, and photography
  • V-MOUNT, USB & D-Tap - Fully compatible with all Nanlite V-Mount powered fixtures and accessories with USB-A and D-Tap ports for more powering options
  • RAPID CHARGE - The Core Apex X2 Charger LV is capable of rapid charging 14.8v V-Mount batteries from 275Wh to 360Wh
  • MULTI-YEAR WARRANTIES - The batteries include a 2-year warranty and the charger includes a 3-year warranty, both from Core SWX


Item Includes

  • 2x Apex 275 Batteries
  • Core Apex X2 Charger LV
  • Limited Warranties
This is a complete kit for powering lights like the Nanlite Forza 300B II LED Spotlight on batteries. It includes two Core Apex 275 V-Mount batteries and an X2 Charger LV rapid charger. The batteries are compact and feature high-quality construction. They are high-voltage 14.8v 275wh Lithium-Ion battery packs with USB-A and D-Tap ports for more powering options and standard V-Mounts that work flawlessly with Nanlite fixtures.

The batteries provide continuous 24A current output for extended run times at 100% brightness. A multi-sided LED power gauge remains illuminated while in use or when charging so you always know how much power you have.

The Core Apex X2 Charger LV is compact and lightweight, yet powerful enough to rapidly charge two 14.8v V-Mount batteries. The combination of its small size and that it weighs only 1.3 lbs makes it easy to pack and travel to locations, and its rapid-charging ability is more efficient with your time.

Core SWX is among the most respected brands in the cinema industry for their reliability, safety, and superior build quality—which makes them a natural fit for this partnership with Nanlite. If you're looking for a premium and complete battery-powering solution for your Nanlite spotlights, panels, or tube lights, this is it.

Run times with 2 Apex 275 batteries at 100% brightness:
Forza 300 II - 1 hour and 35 minutes
Forza 300B II - 1 hour and 35 minutes
Forza 500 II - 59 minutes
Forza 500B II - 59 minutes
Forza 720 - 42 minutes
Forza 720B - 42 minutes

X2 recharging times:
1 Apex 275 charges in 3.5 hours
2 Apex 275 charge in 7 hours

Smaller LED spotlights like the Forza 60C and 60B II can be powered by V-Mount batteries using the BH-FZ60-V Battery Grip (sold separately). PavoTubes can be powered for long stretches of time with V-Mount batteries using the CB-DT/DC D-Tap to 5.5mm Male DC Barrel Cable (sold separately). This cable works for the Forza 60C and 60 II as well.

Technical Data

Batteries: Limited 2-Year Warranty Charger: Limited 3-Year Warranty
Accessory Port(s):
USB-A, D-Tap
Includes Rechargeable Battery:
Number of Battery Cells:
Battery Capacity (Wh):
Battery Chemistry:
Compatible D-Tap Adapter:
Battery Included:
Battery Maximum Output Voltage:
Charge Time to Full (Hours):
Runtime @ 100% Brightness (Hours):
Forza 300 II: 1 hr 35 min Forza 300B II: 1 hr 35 min Forza 500 II: 59 min Forza 500B II: 59 min Forza 720: 42 min Forza 720B: 42 min

Lux / Foot Candles


Special Effects

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