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The Nanlite Family Expands with PavoSlim 240C, 240B, and 60CL

The Nanlite Family Expands with PavoSlim 240C, 240B, and 60CL

Posted by Sam Mallery on Apr 10th 2024

We first showed the original PavoSlim line seven months before they were announced in our booth at NAB 2023, and we could immediately tell that ENG shooters, filmmakers, and other types of content creators were impressed and intrigued by these ultra-slim, lightweight, and bright LED panels. But I was surprised by how many people asked, "Are you going to make a 2x2 model that folds in the center for easier transport and storage?" Today we can finally answer this question as we introduce the PavoSlim 240C and 240B, and the long and lean PavoSlim 60CL.

Just as every attendee of NAB 2023 had hoped, the new Nanlite PavoSlim 240C and 240B are indeed 2x2 LED panel lights that fold to be twice as compact. Like their names imply, the 240C features RGBWW color capabilities while the 240B is bi-color. Think of them as folding 2x2 versions of the popular PavoSlim 120C and 120B, they're just slightly thicker at 1.13" (2.86 cm) to accommodate the hinged design, and twice as bright.

The new PavoSlim 60CL adds a new shape to the lineup, being a slender 2x0.5 RGBWW LED panel light. It's twice as long and half as wide as the PavoSlim 60C. Besides the dimensions, it shares almost every other quality with the 1x1 60C. The 60CL has an excellent quick-release softbox and the ultra-thin 0.73" (1.86 cm) thickness. It's a uniquely sized, super compact fixture that will be especially useful for side and rim lighting, tight spaces such as inside vehicles, and a million other creative tasks.

Everything people love about the original PavoSlim panels is present in the new models. They are thin and lightweight for their size, yet durably constructed with metal bodies and can run on AC or battery power. They all include softboxes and eggcrate grids, and can be set up and put away incredibly quickly. They provide most of the benefits of flexible mat-style lights with significantly more output and the least possible assembly and disassembly time. Even the included padded cases are space efficient and designed to make your production life easier.

How bright is the Nanlite PavoSlim 240C, 240B, and 60CL?

Every LED emitter on a PavoSlim panel features an optical lens to maximize its output performance, achieving around four times the brightness compared to most equivalent size mat-type lights, with the metal body being used to effectively dissipate heat without the need for fans, so they always operate silently. PavoSlim 240B delivers 22990 lux, 2135.8 fc @1m (light only, 5600K) and PavoSlim 240C pushes out 24970 lux, 2319.7 fc @1m (light only, 5600K), and both have a rated power input of just 260W. PavoSlim 60CL has a maximum output of 7094 lux, 659 fc @1m (light only, 5600K), again, nearly the same as the 1x1 PavoSlim 60C.

Like the colorful PavoSlim 120C and 60C, the new 240C and 60CL have the same 151 color-gel emulations, G/M adjustment of +/- 150, wide CCT ranges of 2700K–7500K, the ability to provide 36,000 different colors, and 15 different effects. They also feature built-in LumenRadio CRMX for advanced wireless control. Like all Nanlite fixtures, they provide flicker-free performance at high frame rates and outstanding color accuracy with a CRI/TLCI average of 96/97, TM-30 Rf/Rg average 94/100, SSI 3200K: 83 and 5600K: 74.

"...PavoSlim 240C pushes out 24970 lux, 2319.7 fc @1m (light only, 5600K)..."

Similarly, PavoSlim 240B features a sizable CCT range of 2700K–6500K and 12 lighting effects. Accuracy ratings are a respectable CRI/TLCI average 95/97, TM-30 Rf/Rg average 95/102, SSI 3200K: 83 and 5600K: 73. In addition to its locking metal 3.5mm DMX/RDM port, these panels also feature built-in Bluetooth for control with the free NANLINK app, and 2.4G for the WS-RC-C2 handheld remote and the WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box for larger setups (both sold separately).

Another characteristic all PavoSlim models share is having separate Control Units. This lets the light panel remain as thin and lightweight as possible. It also means you can mount the light panel up high, and keep the controls close to you on the ground. They have easy-to-use knobs, buttons, and sizable screens, battery plates, safety handles, several mounting points to attach safety wire, DMX/RDM ports, USB ports for firmware updates and to power DMX receivers (sold separately), and a mounting plate to attach to stands. PavoSlim 240C and 240B can be powered with two V-Mount batteries, PavoSlim 60CL can be powered with either two NP-F batteries or a single V-Mount battery.

The corners of all PavoSlim panels have 1/4"-20 threads for attaching the separately available Nanlite Magnetic Mounting Adapters. It's a set of 4 powerful magnets that can quickly be screwed into these mounting points on the back or front of the fixture for more creative options. The edges of these panels are covered with hook-and-loop fasteners so the included softboxes can rapidly be deployed.

Again, like all PavoSlim models, these new panels have multiple 4-pin locking points on their backs to give you more flexibility for angling the lights. PavoSlim 240C and 60CL include both the Universal Swivel Holder and the Baby-Pin Holder for attaching directly to grip heads, while the 240B comes with the Universal Swivel Holder. PavoSlim 240C and 60CL also include a super clamp for attaching the Control Unit to stands and trusses. The Nanlite ASCPQRFZ super clamp is also available separately.

We're super excited to get these excellent LED panel lights out into the field to help improve your workflow and open up more creative possibilities. If you're heading to Las Vegas for NAB from April 14th to 17th, stop by our booth (number C7119) and you can check these panels out in person. We've got lots of exciting events planned for the show, and you never know... we might be showing off more new products that won't be announced until much later. :)

Thanks for checking out this article! If you have any questions about PavoSlim or other products from Nanlite, please contact us, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.


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